Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

1. Snake Island

1. Snake Island - Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

Snake Island is a small island off the coast of Brazil that is so filled with venomous serpents that it's been called one of the world's deadliest islands. Scientists estimate there are about 4,000 snakes, about 1 per square meter, on this island and they are all golden lancehead pit vipers, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The snakes became trapped on the island when rising sea levels covered up the land that connected it to the mainland. This left the snakes to adapt to their environment. The snake's venom is said to be three to five times stronger than that of any mainland snake. Oh, and it's capable of melting human flesh. The story goes that the last people to live on the island were the lighthouse keeper and his family who were killed by the snakes. Currently, the Brazilian Navy bans civilians from the island, though scientists sometimes receive waivers. Good luck to them...

2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia - Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is a civilian command facility in Virginia, US. The facility is where the top US civilian and military officials would go in case of national disaster. Many members of Congress were brought here on September 11 and it was also a refuge during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mt. Weather's existence remained a secret to all but top federal officials until TWA Flight 514 crashed in close proximity to the site in December 1974. The crash killed more than 90 people and scattered smoking debris across a wide range of the mountain. An NBC News report after the crash said federal agents blocked news photographers from getting within range of the government facility. The 564-acre facility has offices, dorms and a dining room in a location safely outside D.C. It also serves as an alternate site for the US Department of Homeland Security Operations and has space for over 2,000 officials deep in the mountain. Little information about the facility has since leaked out to the public.

3. Mezhgorye

3. Mezhgorye - Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

Mezhgorye is a closed town in Russia. It is said that people living in the town work on highly-classified secret work around Mount Yamantaw, which has been suspected to be the location of a nuclear program, a repository of Russian treasures, a bunker in case of war or a huge coal warehouse. But really, who knows? The area first came to the attention of the wider public in the 1990s, when it was spotted in US spy photographs. It is most likely that the Russian military battalions there are working with ballistic missiles that can be remotely triggered in case of a nuclear strike. Experts suggest the facility may cover over 380 sq miles and be able to house a population of 60, 000 for several months. The bunker is also said to be able to resist nuclear, chemical or biological attack. Basically everyone has been banned from this area, kind of like Mount Weather.

4. Heard Island Volcano, Australia

4. Heard Island Volcano, Australia - Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

Heard Island is the top of an active volcano in the southern Indian Ocean, about 4000 km southwest of Western Australia. Heard is one of Australia's two currently active volcanoes. It is considered one of the most remote places on earth and is frequently active, hence why it's not the best idea to go there. Since about 1980, remote sensing mostly via satellites has been able to detect more and frequent activity at the volcano. The 368 sq km island with its highest point Mawson Peak at 2745 m forms the highest point of Australian territory outside Antarctica. The landmass is mountainous, has 41 glaciers and is also home to an array of wildlife including penguins, seals, and marine birds. Aside from the volcano, the bad weather and wind conditions and the fact that it is a 2-week sail to any other major land mass makes it one of the most dangerous, and hardest places in the world to access.

5. Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

5. Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China - Interesting Places You Can't/Shouldn't Visit

Buried deep under a hill in central China, surrounded by an underground moat of poisonous mercury lies China's first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. He began the construction of the first wall of China and unified the empire. He prepared for death by constructing a 20 square mile funerary compound whose secrets came to light some 2100 years after his death. In March 1974, workers drilling a well discovered a subterranean chamber that archaeologists later found contained an army of some 8,000 life-size terra-cotta soldiers, each of them unique. While you can visit the site, the tomb itself remains unexcavated due to the high concentration of toxic mercury. Also, the Chinese government is hesitant to open the tomb out of respect and has said they are waiting for technology to improve to minimize the risk of damaging any of the remains.

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