Meet the Avengers

Director "Ol' Saint" Nick Fury

Nick Fury if Nick Fury rolled shittier intimidate scores. In a world filled with superpowers and sassy geniuses, Fury just wants everyone to act like a normal person and respect his authority.

As the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the catalyst for the Avengers to come together, Nick Fury is the sole holder of the 'Avengeance' font. Sky blue because I wanted to.

Tony Stark: Iron Man

Tony Stark: Iron Man - Meet the Avengers
A rich billionaire in it for the fun, money, and glory, Tony Stark is in his prime. Though intimidated by Cap's fame, the sheer power his suit offers gives him a nice boost to confidence.

With the incredibly bulky 'Iron Man of War' font, Tony's presence blocks out anything else it comes into contact with. Gold, for one half of his color scheme.


Jarvis - Meet the Avengers
Tony's robot butler, Jarvis takes after his father in the worst way possible:

Non. Stop. Sex jokes.

Being synthetic, Jarvis has the 'ClassicRobot' font, even if Jarvis is anything but a 'classic' robot. Red, for the other half of the color scheme.

Steve Rogers: Captain America

Steve Rogers: Captain America - Meet the Avengers
A good guy and true Christian, Steve leads by example when words aren't enough to do the situation justice. Serving with Peggy Carter (including in the biblical sense) gave him a serious edge in the wit department.

Holding 'Lucida Sans,' the font used in the Agent Carter synopses, Cap stays connected to his past as he explores this new world that he refuses to learn about. Blue, like his suit. Except when it isn't in Winter Soldier.

Thor Odinson: Protector of Mankind

Thor Odinson: Protector of Mankind - Meet the Avengers
A God who speaketh in a slightly affected manner, Thor may the most powerful being on Earth, rivaled only by the Green Man. Thor is accompanied by his Hammer, which... Well, you'll see, if you haven't already decided this is too 'out there.'

'Jorvik' is a font I was lucky to have recommended to me, or else I would have used, like, Helvetica or something. Red, like his cape.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner - Meet the Avengers
A genius who knows he technically has all the power in the room, Banner has a confidence that only comes from being the Hulk in one's free time. Has a crush on Black Widow, since that ABSOLUTELY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SET UP PRIOR TO AGE OF ULTRON.

'Palatino' is a distinctly serif-ed font that isn't garbage. Gotta be green, right?

Hulk, The

Hulk, The - Meet the Avengers
A brutish beast, not entirely visually distinct from an orc, that occasionally has a burst of brilliance, even if his grammar doesn't give off that impression.

'Hulkbusters' is an accurately named font. GOTTA be green.

Natasha Romanoff: Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff: Black Widow - Meet the Avengers
A proficient spy with a stupid-high amount of combat skill for someone who should never get caught while spying, Romanoff is at least partially the straight man through the synopsis. She'll banter every now and then, but the job does need to get done.

'Audiowide' just seemed super cool when I found it, and it's black. 'Cause... 'Cause Black Widow? ... No?

Clint Barton: Hawkeye

Clint Barton: Hawkeye - Meet the Avengers
While Clint banters more than his best friend 'Romeo,' it's more of a dry humor than the rest of the Avengers. Clint is constantly followed around by Kate Bishop, who insists that she's old enough and skilled enough to be an Avenger. Maybe in a Netflix series or something, Kate.

'Gunplay' seemed like it fitted. Purple, because it's kind of his official color.

Loki: This Asshole

Loki: This Asshole - Meet the Avengers
The image says it all. Delusional, crazy, plots non-stop. Generally an asshole at the most inopportune times possible.

Shares Thor's font, but it's green now. Darker green than Hulk, though.

Phil Coulson: The Raddest Dude

Phil Coulson: The Raddest Dude - Meet the Avengers
I fukken' love this dude. First guy I ever gave a defined personality to.

Purist Punk Rocker and Badass Supreme, Phil Coulson is an anti-authoritarian working for the surveillance state to make sure it doesn't get too fascist.

Wielding the semi-official Punk font 'Friz Quadrata,' Coulson is never without a Bad Religion song to quote on account of his looking like lead singer Greg Graffin.

Maria Hill: Done With Your Shit

Maria Hill: Done With Your Shit - Meet the Avengers
An actual straight man, Hill is (for the most part) the only person at S.H.I.E.L.D. actively trying to do her job. She's not here to dick around. She's not here to banter. She's here to actually make sure the world doesn't end.

Hill has the official S.H.I.E.L.D. font 'Source Sans Pro,' in a dull yellow because nobody on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has that color yet.

Erik Selvig: That Guy From Thor With An Accent

Erik Selvig: That Guy From Thor With An Accent - Meet the Avengers
Selvig doesn't actually get that much of a personality. Which... Isn't entirely unlike the movies. He doesn't get enough screentime, I guess.

As with the rest of the mortals in Thor, Selvig has 'Franklin Gothic Book' as his font, in dark blue because I fucked up and didn't give him a different color font than Coulson.

Pepper "Patrician" Potts

Pepper \"Patrician\" Potts - Meet the Avengers
A businesswoman who capitalizes on Capitalism, Pepper thinks she's above you. Considering she's the only civilian in the MCU to manage both Tony's personality and Stark Industries successfully, she may as well be.

Shares Tony's font and Coulson's color because AGAIN, I fucked up.

Jasper "Shitwell" Sitwell

Jasper \"Shitwell\" Sitwell - Meet the Avengers
God, I fukken' hate this guy. Everyone does. Fuck him in the head.