Ultimate Netflix Compilation

Best Netflix Movies lists:

7 films that will leave you devastated - http://imgur.com/gallery/Ahzi2

10 films you may not have seen - http://imgur.com/gallery/YIVyy

17 films - http://imgur.com/gallery/kUf2Y   http://imgur.com/gallery/GiBPL

A few gems - http://imgur.com/gallery/IDNzV

Horror/Thriller -  http://imgur.com/gallery/0Kxes http://imgur.com/gallery/nQ2Yj

Underrated films you may have missed - http://imgur.com/gallery/fq2cH

Documentaries for people who don't normally like documentaries - http://imgur.com/a/b5GAZ

21 horror films (not on Netflix, but contains links to watch elsewhere online) - http://imgur.com/gallery/I7Ifq

Sci-Fi Movies that Don't Involve Aliens (not on Netflix, but contains links to watch elsewhere online) - http://imgur.com/gallery/gq19M  http://imgur.com/gallery/38Q12  http://imgur.com/gallery/b3gTD http://imgur.com/gallery/fSuyy

Movies with unexpected/unique endings (not on Netflix, but contains links to watch elsewhere online) - http://imgur.com/gallery/2dAzu

Rainy Day movies (not necessarily on Netflix) - http://imgur.com/gallery/5S80A  http://imgur.com/gallery/S1HhU  http://imgur.com/gallery/X1IHa  http://imgur.com/gallery/6SCi6

Lesser known horror films (not necessarily on Netflix) -
https://imgur.com/gallery/g9BuJ  http://imgur.com/gallery/aYtrL  http://imgur.com/gallery/ORHPz

*Edit: also check out http://netflixroulette.net/
Credit to @codeusa for the site :)

Edit #2: Remember this guy? http://imgur.com/gallery/NKsjX
He created a movie finding service with a "Stream" option to help you find a streaming Netflix movie to watch based on genre/rating/year and other limits. Check it out: http://omive.com

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/CtnhjDB